Our Crusade.

A global coalition investment and advisory firm rallying industrial titans, change-makers, and world-class entrepreneurs in the crusade crusade against the world’s toughest problems. 


A New Type of Firm

We've built a coalition of forces designed to build, invest in and scale mission-driven businesses innovating at the edges of industry that can have a profound substantive impact on humanity aligned with the UN's sustainability goals. 


Building and Backing Businesses that Matter

We welcome that the path forward to solve our world’s toughest problems will be challenging - from long industrial B2B sales cycles to heavy regulation and entrenched resistance to change.


The Coalition

With an innovative coalition approach that spans across investments, incubation, service providers, industry access and media, we galvanize an army of resources to supercharge efforts in building and backing world-changing businesses that push the boundaries of society.


Our Work

We invest in and incubate teams relentless in creating a more inspiring and sustainable world. Take a look at how our portfolio companies are building the future. 

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Bringing Internet to the 4 Billion Who Live Without It

Astranis is developing novel satellite technology launched in geo-stationary orbit that transmits data down to specific terrestrial locations around the world with capabilities to provide internet connectivity immediately to millions with each rocket launch.

Recently raised a $13.5M Series A led by Andreessen Horowitz, Refactor Capital and Lux Capital

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Catalyzing The Development of Cities & Infrastructure Globally

EquipmentShare brings sharing economy technology to the slow-moving construction industry fostering faster project timelines, saving millions of dollars for stakeholders and driving economic development across its ecosystem of cities.



Building the Modern Payments Infrastructure To Power Africa's Economy

Flutterwave empowers the African economy by democratizing access to financial services for every African citizen. To date, Flutterwave has facilitated over $12 Billion worth of transactions across Africa.


The world's biggest problems are the world's biggest business opportunities

Peter Diamandis Founder of Xprize, Singularity University and Planetary Resources





Rayyan Islam

Co-Founder and Managing Partner


Omar Hilmy



The Armada

We’re assembling our own Avengers Initiative:

An army and braintrust of industry titans, change-makers, Nobel Laureates, and business leaders to help us catalyze scalable solutions to the world’s toughest problems.


Special Operations

Helping catalyze the efforts of stellar teams pioneering their solutions towards the most critical problems of our world, in the most entrenched, resistant-to-change industries

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Mapping the world’s deep sea floor with a network of underwater drones

HydroSwarm is working to change the way we explore our oceans with autonomous underwater drones and sensors


Sustainably turning our landfills of waste into clean energy to power our world

Synova is on a mission to rid the world of municipal waste and transition it to clean energy to sustainably power our world.


Our Partners

We’re thrilled to be working closely with a robust network of global partners