Rayyan Islam


Rayyan Islam is a seasoned entrepreneur, product manager, and venture capitalist. Rayyan started his career while attending Baylor University, where he helped build a consumer electronics startup that grew to $12M in revenue in two years without traditional venture capital. After subsequently dropping out of Baylor, Rayyan joined Deloitte’s Emerging Market’s practice, and executed on special projects and scaling companies in the fintech, real estate, and industrial sectors across the Middle East and Africa. Rayyan also spent some time at Deloitte Corporate Finance as an investment banker, where he spearheaded and executed on multi-million dollar M&A deals in the technology, manufacturing, and infrastructure industries.

Realizing that he preferred to build companies instead of advising them, Rayyan went back to what he loved most, building product. Rayyan has led product teams at a number of startups including Beacon, Spotify, Digitz, and Pose. At Spotify, he worked on Open Playlist and Discover Weekly which are used daily by hundreds of millions of users around the world.

Prior to Chaos Theory, Rayyan built a membership airline in the East Coast, a media company focused on empowering muslim millennials, founded a B2B marketplace company for the wholesale industry, and established an investment firm focused on frontier tech and growing B2B businesses in traditional industries.

Rayyan was an investor at leading seed-stage venture firm, Romulus Capital, where he led the firm’s investment in Equipmentshare, and worked with companies like Classpass, Placester, and Cohealo. Before Romulus, Rayyan worked at 406 Ventures helping make Series A and Series B investments in early stage enterprise software companies.

Rayyan is a huge adrenaline junkie and enjoys a variety of adventure sports. Rayyan’s a voracious reader and quenches his intellectual curiosity in studying the building of empires, cutting edge science, and prose written about the four corners of the world.