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Bringing Internet to the 4 Billion People Who Live Without It

Astranis is developing novel satellite technology launched in geo-stationary orbit that transmits data down to specific terrestrial locations around the world with capabilities to provide internet connectivity immediately to millions with each rocket launch.

Recently raised a $13.5M Series A led by Andreessen Horowitz, Refactor Capital and Lux Capital

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Catalyzing The Development of Cities & Infrastructure Globally

EquipmentShare brings sharing economy technology to the slow-moving construction industry fostering faster project timelines, saving millions of dollars for stakeholders and driving economic development across its ecosystem of cities.

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Fighting Climate Change

Orchard, galvanizes key international stakeholders like the Carbon War Room and the DiCaprio Foundation in manifesting the world's first B2B marketplace for carbon credits and offsets to privatize the fight against climate change.

Being incubated by Chaos Theory, currently in stealth.

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Modern Payments Infrastructure Powering Africa's Economy

Flutterwave empowers the African economy by democratizing access to financial services for every African citizen. To date, Flutterwave has facilitated over $12 Billion worth of transactions across Africa.

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Digitizing & Streamlining Water Utility Operations

EMAGIN provides water and wastewater facilities with an operational intelligence platform that supports real-time decision making when controlling critical assets. With the power of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, EMAGIN helps facilities drive down operational costs, enhance reliability and prepare for emergencies.

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